Related tests show that many car seat cushions have hidden dangers.

On July 20th, CCTV’s “Weekly Quality Report” released an investigation into the car seat on the market. According to the report, Ms. Xue, who was pregnant, bought a hand-made car cool pad from the auto-distribution city of Tantou Town in Tiantai County this spring. After a long trip, Ms. Xue had a rash all over her body. For allergies. Later, when Ms. Xue once again took her own car, there was an allergic reaction. When Ms. Xue opened the cushion, she found that there was a lot of debris in the fabric and it was broken. Related tests also show that many car seat cushion products have potential safety hazards.
The reporter then went to some auto accessories market in Hangzhou to visit. The results of the survey were similar to those of CCTV. The so-called hand-woven car mats or cushions sold on the market are all hot products all year round, but the quality of the products is different. The price is also high and low, the cheap cool pad is only about 200 RMB, and the high price is sold to nearly 2,000 RMB. But regardless of whether the price is high or low, most businesses claim that these cool pads are both ventilated and breathable, and they are cool to use.
This afternoon, the reporter selected several cheap car seat cushions in a shop specializing in car seat cushions in Hangzhou Automobile City, the largest comprehensive automobile trading market in our province. But close to the smell, it is obvious that you can smell a chemical smell, the owner said that the fabric of the cushion is not cotton. During the interview, some shopkeepers told reporters that there are often many 4S shops purchasing goods from here or other suppliers. Although some well-made car seat covers are only 400  to 500 RMB, but in 4S shops, they often double. Sold to the owner.
In a store specializing in auto supplies in Heping Square in Hangzhou, the reporter saw that the average selling price of more than a dozen cushions sold here is more than 1,000 RMB, and one of the nano-youkas hand-woven cool cushions is sold at a price. About 1,500 RMB. According to the salesperson, the most common cushions on the market are linen, ice silk, silk, cowhide, etc. Each material has different functions and feels. The most popular hand-woven linen cushions in the store are not only patterns. Very rich, feels comfortable to touch, and the gap in the seat cushion is relatively large, the air permeability is good, and the surface temperature is lower than the room temperature.
The reporter learned from the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau this afternoon that the Tiantai County Quality Supervision Bureau has started to carry out special rectification for the enterprises that illegally produce car seat cushions exposed in CCTV programs, and to eliminate the use of inferior fibers from the source, and introduce the corresponding standards in the country. Before, we strictly implemented local alliance standards for terminal seat cushion products, increased supervision and frequency of key indicators such as hygiene and formaldehyde emission, and promoted the healthy development of the industry under the premise of ensuring safety.
“The quality of the cool pad sold on the market is mixed, and the price is also very different. Consumers should try not to choose a hand-woven cool pad with irritating smell and too cheap. This kind of cool pad can not only meet the requirements of the car owner for comfort, but also in the health. The quality of environmental protection is also not good. For the owners, it is ‘to spend money to buy crimes.'” The staff of the Provincial Quality Inspection Institute said that for the products such as car seat cushions, China has not yet issued national and industrial health and safety standards. The province has not yet carried out relevant tests for car seat cushions. However, the staff reminded that consumers need to pay special attention when purchasing some cheaper car seat cushions in the market, because many manufacturers use black cotton or chemically treated low prices because of the psychological characteristics of using consumer maps. Made of materials, it is extremely harmful to the health of the passengers.
In addition, the majority of car owners in the winter to buy a wool car seat cushion, it is best to choose by hand, visual, odor, color fastness and other aspects, a good mat, feel comfortable, smooth and delicate, and bright color, also No smell. In order to save costs, some small brands often use degreasing agents containing harmful substances such as benzene, and their residues are a serious pollution to the air inside the car. At the same time, when purchasing a seat cushion, it is necessary to keep the original purchase ticket in order to promptly return and defend the counterfeit and shoddy products.

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