New Time of Automotive Interior Area.

According to a US transportation research institute, car users are currently spending four times as much time on commuting as they did in 1982. As a result, car manufacturers and their designers have raised the importance of car interiors. The same height as the external environment. The time and money they spend on the interior while designing the car is gradually rising.

In the future, the automotive industry will not only usher in the era of unmanned driving, but also the car interior will give users a different experience. Providing materials companies with a “huge” market! The interior changes the car driving experience. In this era of both looking at the face and stressing the strength, consumers are demanding the refined and humanized requirements of the car design from the inside out. Nature is also getting higher and higher. If you look closely at the interior of the car, you will find that many materials have been in the early days of the car – leather, wood, metal and fabric, giving a luxurious and retro feel. Subsequently, with the development of technology and the emergence of complex artifacts such as vinyl and fiberglass and the use of modified plastics, automotive interior materials are more complex and durable.


Car Interior Leather Material 01

Car Interior Leather Material 02

Car Interior Leather Material 03

Car Interior Leather Material 04

Car Interior Leather Material 05

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