On August 28-30, the AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA 2019 Automotive Electronics Technology Exhibition, which will focus on the frontiers of automotive electronics, will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition will be from AUTOMATIVE WORLD, a highly appealing automotive technology exhibition in Asia. The display scope covers key areas such as autonomous driving, intelligent network, body electronics, testing technology, and new energy vehicles. It strives to bring forward-looking and innovative technical solutions to the audience to jointly build a new smart future. Ecology.
During the exhibition, there will be many powerful manufacturers, such as Xingguang, the first-class auto parts supplier Bosch debuted at the Auto Electronics Show to showcase its latest automotive electronics products; Airbus from the autonomous driving field, Blackberry, Dspace, 360; STMicroelectronics, Nextchip, Tongxun Technology, Zhongjutai Optoelectronics; well-known companies in the field of automotive electronic components such as Nichikang, Taiyo Yuden, Rubycon, Kodak, and Sentong Technology, all of which are well-known companies. As well as automotive electronics companies consisting of Heraeus, Yantong Electronics, Abbott, and One Intelligence, we will jointly present automotive technology dinners at the AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA 2019 Automotive Electronics Show. In addition, Nuoshi Chuang, Cybellum, SGS in the field of automotive electronic test technology; Keihin Corporation, which is in the field of new energy vehicle control technology, will also gather together to build a front lineup of automotive electronics.
AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA 2019 Auto Electronics Show is expected to attract more than 400 auto OEMs and auto parts suppliers. It is expected that 8,000 auto electronics industry visitors will visit. With professional services, the exhibition is dedicated to providing an efficient display platform for global “autobots” to track industry trends and master forward-looking technologies and expand cooperation opportunities. At that time, new technologies, new values, and new experiences in the field of automotive electronics will be fully blossomed, and the entire automotive electronics industry will bring new development needs and wisdom storms in the automotive industry.
Driven by the “new four” of the auto industry, the auto industry will be reshuffled in the next few years. AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA 2019 Automotive Electronics Show will hold several seminars on automotive electronics technology, including “Automatic Driving Safety Technology International Forum”, “New Energy Vehicle Key Components Technology Conference”, “Smart Cockpit Key Technology Summit Forum”, “ Automotive Intelligent Networking Technology Development Analysis Forum, etc., through the assembly of automotive professionals to discuss the future trend of smart car technology.

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