Where to Buy the Best Microfiber Leather?

Winiw International Co.,Ltd  has been committed to the development and sales of “superior performance, environmental protection and durable” microfiber leather products for many years, which are widely used in bags, belts, shoe materials, gloves and car interiors, etc. business. Now the company’s products cover microfiber leather for bags, microfiber leather for shoes, microfiber leather for belts, microfiber leather for car interiors, microfiber leather for gloves, microfiber leather for sofas, etc.
About 8 characteristics of our products:

  • Excellent durability, excellent wear resistance.
  • Luxurious appearance, various colors and textures can meet your unique custom design.
  • It has a strong three-dimensional effect on the surface details and a good pattern effect on the texture;
  • High tear strength, high breaking force; good bending strength. Good tensile strength and seam strength.
  • High performance hydrolysis resistance and durability.
  •  Good light fastness and anti-aging properties.
  • Light weight, 30% lighter than natural leather, can meet the design requirements of light weight and fuel economy.
  • Strong environmental protection, up to environmental standards: ROHS, EU REACH, etc.

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